Friday, October 24, 2008

A collage made from plastic shopping bags, inspired by my previous painting.

A painting from part of my previous collage

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Late summer

Late summer, some flowers are blooming while others are fading. This was my impression at Mike's garden during another plein air painting day.

Cupid Sold


This is a painting i did at Cathy Liseno's garden at Edison Art Society's plein air painting day. Cathy happily bought this painting afterwards.

lotus on masa paper

i tried the mono print way for painting my lotus flower

Iris on Masa Paper

A painting i did after i came back from my plein air painting at Gregg's garden

Big Ear

This was a quick sketch i did when visiting a friend's. They call her "Big Ear". I like her big ear so much. Coincidently, I was going to celebrate my birthday in two days, and i was born in the year of rabbit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

First Place at Garden Scene Show Sold

Aquatic Life Sold

In 2010, It has won the Best Work on Paper in Mahattan Art International" The Healing Power of Art".

In 2007, it won the Best Poster Image in New Jersey Garden Scene Show.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Daughter

At Discovery Museum, Sausalito, Ca, (watercolor)

Helping mom watering garden at our Santa Rosa home backyard.(watercolor)

My mom

Couldn't believe mother has left us for 15 years. The pain in my heart told me that she has never left from my heart. We will always miss you, mother! This painting was done in April Qing Ming last year.

Autumn Wind

Started my watercolor painting in 2004, my art works have been awarded and sold in different art shows both in California and in New Jersey. The above painting won the semi-finalist in the American Artists 70th anniversary competition; Best of Reader's choice and Best of medium.

My life

I have a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. Having been traveled to many beautiful places, now settled down in New Jersey. I have a variety of interests, painting, Arts and Crafts, music, travel, reading, cooking, Yoga.... .

 Paintings and other works posted here were mostly done in New Jersey.  My email: